High Pressure Solutions

Depending on the application and its requirements, solutions include self-contained Intensified High Pressure Pumping Systems, turnkey Intensifier Modules that integrate into existing systems, or components such as Intensifiers, filters, and valves for customers to implement in their own system design.

Intensified High Pressure Pumping Systems

Solutions for pumping high pressure fluids

A complete hydraulic system, driven by an engine or motor, which intensifies a specified fluid to a required high pressure and flow at that high pressure. Intensified high pressure pumping systems provide an alternative to expensive high pressure pumps. The use of an intensifier means that only a small portion of the overall system experiences high pressures. This eliminates the need for high pressure components, such as high pressure pumps, hoses, and control valves, throughout the entire system. Traditional high pressure pumps often have long delivery times, which makes intensifier-based systems even more attractive. Units are highly customizable based on customer's specific requirements.

Capabilities include:
  • Power sources including electric motors, diesel engines, and gasoline engines.
  • Hydraulic circuits for a wide variety of applications
  • Wide variety of controls options
  • Fluids including hydraulic oils, automatic transmission fluid, water-glycol, and other media
Pressures up to 72,000PSI are achievable. The intensifier selection depends on the pressures and flow rates required.

Intensifier Modules

Intensifier Modules increase the pressure of existing hydraulic systems

Turnkey high pressure packages that integrate with existing hydraulic systems. Intensifier Modules extend the capability of existing low pressure systems for high pressure applications. Modules differ from Pumping Systems as they do not have their own engine or motor, but instead use the existing supply of hydraulics from a different, low pressure system.

Modules package an intensifier with the components required for optimal performance and maximum operational life. This eliminates the need to completely re-design an existing system to accommodate a new capability requirement.
v System integration requires discussion of the technical specifications as each situation is different. Ideal for mobile hydraulic applications or stationary systems that require a pressure upgrade.


Hydraulic intensifier components for use in your design

In addition to using intensifiers in the products that we design and build, we distribute intensifiers for use in your own design. For further information about available models and capabilities, click here.

High Pressure Hydraulic Intensifier

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