High-Pressure Pressure Testing

High Pressure Non-Destructive Testing

miniBOOSTER intensifier-based hydraulic test equipment offers several advantages over other hydraulic technologies used for high pressure testing. Typical testing applications include cycle testing, hydrostatic testing, non-destructive testing, and destructive testing.



The use of an intensifier means that only part of a hydraulic circuit must be able to handle high pressures. This reduces the expense associated with high pressure pumps and a complete system that requires high pressure rated components.

Utilization of existing equipment reduces cost in situations where an Intensifier Module is added to an existing lower pressure system.

Better control options
The existence of a low pressure circuit in an intensifier-based high pressure system means that a whole range of sophisticated, low pressure hydraulic controls, such as servo valves and electro-hydraulic proportional control valves, can be employed. This enables nearly infinite pressure and flow control to go into the inlet of the intensifier. Test scenarios requiring this level of finely tuned control are not possible with air driven hydraulic pumps.

Different types of testing demand different fluids. miniBOOSTERs can work with fluids ranging from standard hydraulic oils to water-glycol, water, methanol, and others upon engineering review. The use of a Dual Media intensifier allows a hydraulic system to intensify a different fluid/media to higher pressures. This is ideal for application where pressurizing a non-oil based working fluid into a vessel is required.

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