Power Unit Repair

Houston Hydraulic services a wide range of hydraulic equipment including hydraulic power units (HPU's).  Several different options exist depending on the customer’s objectives, timeframe, and budget.

Repair and Refurbish

A major overhaul can extend HPU life and can provide an economical alternative to purchasing a new unit. Refurbishment involves sandblasting the reservoir, replacing and updating components, and testing. It is an opportunity to ensure that good design principles are in place to deliver many years of successful operation. 
 Repair Hydraulic Power Unit

Repurpose and Upgrade

In certain cases a customer’s existing power unit can be modified to serve a different need at their facility.  After a customer sold a large press we modified their now idle power unit to provide the hydraulics required to operate two smaller presses.


In some situations replacing a power unit makes more sense than extensively refurbishing it. In other situations a customer may need to replace an older unit that is part of a fleet of identical systems. In either scenario we can replicate an existing power unit or design a new unit to satisfy a customer’s requirements.

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